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"What will you see when you are dead?"


Last night, I woke up without being able to remember what had happened to me, as if I had just been born yesterday. But no one could also prove that "the past" is real. It's possible that I just "existed" now, and my memories were just fabricated.

This is me right now, lost, confused, and don't know where to go. Maybe I was just being born last night, but somehow, "my past" still haunted me. I can't remember it, but they said I am the one responsible who dropped the helicopter.

Fuck! If only I could remember something. I can't even remember my own name. But why?! Even though I can't remember my own name, but I can remember the one who made me like this?!

It's not only that....I'm not even sure if I'm a human being. Not after what happened today. I can stop the rain. No, it's not like I can change rain to sunny weather...I make thousand droplets of rain stop falling, hanging it in the air like defying the gravitation around me. 

.... Far from the bottom of my heart, I'm sure that I have to end all of this.

My name is --------------, let me tell you my story.


gdwc 2020


ALLBLACK Phase 1 is a visual novel adapted from light novel with the same title. This visual novel adapts the first volume (6 chapters). You can select the chapter you want to read anytime.


  • Format : Kinetic Novel
  • Genre : Action, thriller, psychological, sci-fi
  • Length : 60k words (around 4-6 hours reading)
  • Language : English, Russian, Spanish
  • Platform : PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Android (5 and up)



  1.  How did you enjoy the VN overall?
  2. What is your opinion about the characters so far? 
  3. What can I improve on future release? (user-experience related)
  4. Are you looking forward to the next Phase? :D

Honest feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Note: The Steam version also available! It contains 8 achievements.


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Windows, Mac, Linux (Spain, Russian Translation) 130 MB
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Nice game! Here are the answers to the 4 questions in the description:

  1.  The VN was actually pretty good! It had a good hook and while it took me a while after this initial hook to be fully immersed in it again (probably around chapter 3, kinda zoned out on most of Chapter 2), the story really gets better as it progresses.
  2. So far, I actually quite like how Theodore is written. Vicky is also a pretty good character and her scenes are amongst the highlights of the game (especially at the end of Chapter 4)
  3. I think there isn't really a lot to improve on with the formula you're using. The most important thing in a VN (especially a kinetic one) is its story, and so far it's definitely building up to something great.

Hi, i would like to help with Italian Translation, i tried to send a Friend request on DS, but i couldn't find you, i leave you mine if you're interested ^^


Would be glad to! My discord ID is 3,4-Methylendioxymethamphetamine#4886


Just want to say that I absolutely love this visual  novel.  It's amazing because

1. The characters in the story are put in situations that are extreme

2.  A protagonist who has amnesia is the type of story  that makes me not want to stop intill finding out who is he/her.

3. the music fits really well with the story and plot

Thank you for the feedback and boy I missed it after so long, sorry before

I'll do my best to finish Phase 2

To answer the 4 questions stated in the VN's description:  

1.  I really enjoyed it especially the tension & mystery written into the plot.  I was filled with anxiety throughout many parts & that was very thrilling.  The writing was also very deep in parts. It made me think about things like what it would be like to be in the MC'c situation & have amnesia while wondering if I'm a criminal or not...

2.  The characters are very interesting & their motivations are often unclear which adds to the enjoyment I experienced while playing. I also like the backgrounds & artwork a lot esp. the character sprites.  

3.  For improvement I would like some choices that I can make towards action in the plot that affects the direction it goes in. Since this is a VN I was confused because it was all text & no choices.  Possibly I missed something stating it would have no choices?!

4.  When it suddenly ended I didn't know it was only the 1st part & was upset that I never found out the MC's real name.  So I am really looking forward to the next phase! 

I would also like to mention that I liked the music box feature & feel the songs matched the mood of the plot very well.  Keep up the great work... 

Thank you for taking your time answering my question!

1. Glad you enjoyed it! I was being critiqued the writing is unnecessary long though, and I hope I can fix that in later release.

2. Glad you also like it. I plan to upgrade the character sprites in next release, I hope it'll be better than this one. Background will generally stay the same (from free resources as I can't afford BG artist)

3. No, this is a kinetic/linear novel. There is no choices. I only adapt the existing story as it is. But maybe we could make another spin-off based on "what-if" scenario, if the readers would like to see that ^^

4. Stay tuned! The next phase (chapter 7 to be specific) planned to release this April. I'll do my best to finish it. Check my updates on Twitter!

Also thanks for compliment about music box! I don't really have a good taste on music, so I'm relieved if someone says it's matched.

Thanks for the donation! No matter the amount, I really appreciate it.

Would love to hear your feedback too!